The health, well-being and safety of our participants and staff is our top priority. With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have decided to move our onsite conference online.

What you should know before the Virtual Training Experience begins July 14

Jul 06, 2020

We’re only a week away from our Virtual Training Experience’s July 14 kickoff. All of us here at Wipfli are excited to bring you 40 sessions over the course of three months, leading up to October’s onsite conference in Las Vegas.

But this is a brand-new experience, and to help you prepare, we’ve put together answers to some top questions.

1. What are the Virtual Training Experience’s technology requirements?

All 40 sessions will be held via GoToWebinar, the platform that hosts all of Wipfli’s standard webinars. If you’ve attended any of our past webinars without issue, you’ll be good to go for the Virtual Training Experience. If you haven’t attended any of our past webinars, you can click here to see GoToWebinar’s system requirements and help ensure you’ve got everything you need before July 14.

Overall, it’s a good idea to have a stable internet connection, whether you’re watching via your computer or your phone or tablet. GoToWebinar does have an app you can download so that you can attend the sessions anywhere you currently are.

We are recording all 40 sessions and making them available to attendees to watch later on-demand. However, continuing professional education (CPE) credit is only available to those attending the live version.

2. Is there CPE credit available for the Virtual Training Experience?

Yes! If you attend a Virtual Training Experience session live and answer the polling questions, you are eligible to receive CPE credits. Those who watch the recorded, on-demand version will not be eligible. If CPE is a value-add for you, we recommend blocking off your calendar for the sessions you’d like to attend live.

Of special note is that over 90 CPE credits are available for the Virtual Training Experience. With 40 sessions spread from mid-July through mid-October, if you attend every session, you have an opportunity to acquire a significant amount of CPE credit.

3. Can I ask questions during the sessions?

We believe engagement is crucial for any type of training or conference. During each session, you will have the opportunity to submit follow-up questions to facilitators and trainers who are presenting. Typically, they will answer questions throughout the session or at the end of the session. If your question is more in-depth, or there are a lot of questions, we will follow up with you personally to ensure you get an answer.

4. What can I expect from the opening session?

Our Virtual Training Experience’s opening session will kick us off on July 14 and last from 10:00 a.m. to noon CT, and we’re really excited about what we have to share.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Bertha Proctor, will talk to us about leadership resiliency in 2020. We’re only halfway through what’s been a challenging year for many, so she has excellent takeaways to share about the importance of leadership and learning, how to be resilient and what actions we can take into the second half of 2020.

We’ll also hear from Denise Harlow, CEO of Community Action Partnership, about how human services meet and connect to community needs.

We’re going to highlight a couple of our clients and tell their stories of how they’ve been resilient in their communities and how they’ve been able to pivot to meet changing needs.

You’ll hear from Kurt Gresens, our managing partner; Steve Lipton, our nonprofit and government practice leader; and Denes Tobie and Tammy Jelinek, two of our leading, nationally recognized nonprofit trainers — welcoming you to our brand-new Virtual Training Experience and further diving into what to expect from this online event.

All in all, it’s going to be an energizing opening session that will set the tone for the rest of the Virtual Training Experience, highlighting opportunities and solutions to better enable you to impact today and spark tomorrow.

Join us for the Virtual Training Experience

We can’t wait to start things off next week! If you haven’t registered yet, please do so here.

We also encourage you to connect with us on social media. Share your thoughts. Share your photos (we know some of you will be watching with your pets!). Let us know throughout the Virtual Training Experience what you’ve learned and what you’re doing with those takeaways. We’ll feature contributors of the #WipfliConf hashtag into the opening session of October’s onsite conference.

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Lastly, we just want to say how excited we are to offer these 40 sessions and make it a true and full learning experience for you. This is your opportunity to go to as many sessions as are available. You don’t have to pick and choose which are most important. This is a learning festival of sorts, and it can provide you — and anyone else in your organization who’s attending — with real value.

Stay tuned to learn about more ways you can engage with not only Wipfli but also your fellow attendees. More exciting things are ahead!

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