2021 online conference schedule

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

1st Afternoon Mini Sessions

Proving Your Success – Strategic Planning Dashboards

Date: 07/14/2021 3:25-5 p.m.
History: New
Experience: All (All levels of experience)
Advanced Preparation: None
Field of Study: Business Management and Organization
Applicable Audience: Coming Soon
Type: Mini
Level: Overview
Prerequisites: None
CPE Credits: 1.5
Brian Gaumont
Learning Objectives:
1. Establish clear expectations and accountability for strategic plan execution.
2. Implement best practice processes for executing on your plan.
3. Determine if dashboarding tools are needed for your organization.
Session Description:
Even for the organizations that develop the best strategic plan, many will faulter when it comes to execution. There are a variety of contributing factors: lack of visible leadership, confusion on or lack of accountability, poor communication, and unclear expectations, among other things. Executing on a strategic plan requires a clear process supported by tools that make the plan visible, accessible, and agile. In this session, we will speak to the best practices relating to the execution of strategic plans and how you can use a reporting and dashboard tool to track your process and report on your outcomes.