2021 online conference schedule

Thursday, July 15, 2021

2nd Morning Mini Sessions

Improving the Future Client Experience

Date: 07/15/2021 8:15-9:50 a.m.
History: New
Experience: All (All levels of experience)
Advanced Preparation: None
Field of Study: Business Management and Organization
Applicable Audience: Coming Soon
Type: Mini
Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
CPE Credits: 1.5
Andrew Potasek
Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the experience you want for those you serve.
2. Explore ways the experience is broken.
3. Discuss options and solutions.
Session Description:
Picture this, you are a client walking into your organization and asking for help. You are asked to contact multiple divisions. You are asked to fill in numerus forms, often with the same or similar information. You are asked to share your story over, and over, and over. You decide to give-up. These were the challenges/barriers multi-funded clients were sharing with us and they wanted solutions. In this session, we will show you some of the options for centralized systems, alerts of progress along the way, self-service focused options, and future trends.