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2022 Wipfli National Training Conference | For Nonprofits | Caesars Palace, Las Vegas | July 11-15, 2022 2022 Wipfli National Training Conference

Gain perspective to help you soar.

Connect. Learn. Lead.

Even changemakers need a hand sometimes. Your vital work in the nonprofit community makes a powerful difference for others. But as challenges arise, you may be seeking new approaches and ideas. Wipfli has the tools and expertise to help your organization grow and run more effectively and efficiently.

Our commitment to management best practices and creative leadership strategies can help you energize and transform your organization.

The Stronger to Serve conference offers more than 50 sessions throughout five days from our top trainers, all devoted to your desire to become stronger to serve. Find out what you need to know to meet the evolving challenges and outcomes required by your community, donors and other funding sources.

Get ready for a training experience like no other.

Hear from last year’s attendees and learn more about the conference and our dynamic trainers.

Learn. Discuss. Explore. Take action.




Following rules and regulations can result in increased funding and cash flow, opportunities to expand and increased impact in your community.



Best practices are what you need to do now, and next practices are what you need to focus on in the future to make your strategic and daily goals a reality.



What your leaders should know, driving an organization’s culture, protecting your reputation, leading inclusive teams and making decisions for your future.



Keeps your organization’s IT function running securely by not only selecting the right software, but planning for your technology future.

Human Resources

Human resources

Changing demographics, new competition, the challenge to recruit and keep top talent, compensation and benefits—all are undergoing rapid changes that require today's HR professional to stay ahead of the curve.



Internal control requirements reduce the risk of cybersecurity attacks. Properly identify, prevent, and investigate fraud, plan for disaster recovery and keep your company out of the six o’clock news.


Benefits of attending


New and Changing

New and changing

Explore what is new and changing. Give yourself time to absorb, question, learn and challenge “it’s always been done that way.” Maybe that way still works; maybe there is a better way.

Talk with Others

Chat with others

You are not alone. Using our conference app, connect with others who have similar, or different, ideas on how to get the job done. Share stories, solve problems and celebrate successes.

Future Planning

Future planning

Leave the conference with action items you can implement immediately. Make what you do sustainable for future generations. Come with ideas—leave with a plan.



You have a week with nationally recognized trainers who work with organizations like yours all over the country. Pick our brains, challenge our suggestions, ask us questions and help us help you.

"Best conference I have ever attended in my career. Very relevant topics to finance for non-profits and excellent presenters."

Mary Werner, director, financial planning & analysis
(Lutheran Social Services of the South Upbring)

"This conference was intensive. I would recommend this training and conference to all my colleagues. The staff and presenters are second to none."

Charlie Ugarte, director of finance
(Puerto Rican Family Institute)

"If you want your organization to grow and become a leader in your community, you need to come to this conference."

Brian Heese, executive director
(Northern California Child Development, Inc.)

"This was my first year attending and I have learned so much! Wipfli rocks!! See you all next year!"

Dr. Daphne Harris-Brown, compliance specialist/IT specialist
(Washington County Opportunities, Inc.)