4 reasons not to miss Wipfli’s 2022 Stronger to Serve conference

This year’s Stronger to Serve Wipfli National Training Conference in Las Vegas, July 11-15, will leave you enriched, energized and smarter in the ways to serve your organization and your community.

Kathleen DuBois, Wipfli’s nonprofit and government practice leader, brings a fresh vision to the 23rd annual gathering. Kathleen and her team can’t wait to welcome attendees this summer. She offers four compelling reasons leaders and emerging leaders of grant-funded organizations should attend:

1. The vibe

The incredible work you do requires that you spend your days — and sometimes nights — working for others going through some of life’s hardest challenges. Here’s a chance to surround yourself with people who share your dreams to help make life better for others – and the daily struggles to execute that vision amid a towering list of resource, budget and regulatory constraints that only your fellow participants can truly understand.

New this year: A vibe of wellness through morning meditation and relaxation spaces.

2. The training

Wipfli has a deep bench of best-in-class trainers. If you’ve never seen all-stars Tammy Jelinek, Denes Tobie, Katherine Eilers, Julia Johnson and Deron Kling — in addition to other Wipfli subject matter experts — in front of a room, be ready for their fresh and inventive ways of delivering content and keeping you engaged.

New this year: Over 30 new topics/sessions, sharing the latest information agencies need.

3. The collaborations

Get ready for deep conversations with like-minded colleagues. In casual conversations and structured workshops, you’ll come away with your emotional gas tank full, and ideas and inspiration to tackle challenges at your organization. The conference brings back some of the magic that can only come through face-to-face human interactions.

New this year: More ways to connect with your teams and others during breaks.

4. The ROI

You’ll leave with concrete knowledge and strategies that apply to your current needs and future goal setting. The benefits of the information and relationships springing from the conference will keep your organization moving forward. The overall value is, simply, priceless.

New this year: “Act Now” guides provide you with immediate, actionable takeaways to make an impact in your organization.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas. Learn more about the conference and registration.


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Kathleen DuBois, M.A., CFRE
Nonprofit and Government Industry Leader
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